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The hearing protection is obtained with COPREN patented materials, which are able to reduce noises selectively, eliminating only the harmful sounds and not the harmless ones such as security alerts or human voices needed during the activity. This type of protection is obtained from the ear mould so it is purely personal and assures a perfect closure of the auditory canal. This is the best solution to protect your hearing from loud sounds such as the gunshots. They are made of hypoallergenic material, handcrafted from the ear mould, long lasting, comfortable and they protect you from loud sounds, which could damage your hearing forever. The exposure to very loud and short sounds, such as firearm shots, is the most serious trauma for noise and it can damage the hearing in irreparable ways. The only solution is prevention. The best solution among all is the custom-made ear protector. These are custom-made “earplugs”, obtained from the mould of the ear, capable to provide an excellent protection from any source of noise, even if very loud, and to guarantee comfort and lifetime at the same time.

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Shooting Range le tre Piume Veneto Italy Agna
Earplugs anti noise
earplugs for sport
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Matteo after 1 day with Sport Headphones

My name is Matteo Siviero and I am shooting director and security manager at club Le Tre Piume; I also play dynamic shooting at competitive level throughout Europe. I was impressed by the efficiency and comfort of COPREN earplugs for sport. At the beginning, I was a bit sceptical considered that I had already tried many different types: from the traditional disposable one, to the headphones and electronic earpieces. I wore this excellent equipment today with a Sako rifle, 338-lapua magnum (one of the most powerful rifle in Italy). The shot was extremely loud, but no aural trouble at all; they are very comfortable since made on your ear mould by the qualified COPREN staff. They are light and have handy grips for an easy insertion and extraction. What astonished me most is the fact that they provide a very high protection, but at the same time I was able to talk easily on the mobile phone, with colleagues and customers around the club, even with earplugs on. I couldn’t believe!! Before using COPREN products, I had to remove and wear standard earplugs over and over again. Today, in the afternoon, I also tried the dynamic shooting training. After wearing the sport earplugs of COPREN, I started with 100, 200, 300, 400 shots together with a friend, for about 4 hours without removing the earplugs. The result was amazing; I could forget I was wearing them if it wasn’t for my friend who repeatedly asked me (removing his headphones) to try them, if they were comfortable etc. You can hear everything and they protect you from very loud sounds. I truly recommend them to those shooters who look for a comfortable and efficient solution and need the maximum protection. I’d like to thank the club president who first discovered this absolute innovation and especially COPREN for the attention given to me, for the original solution and for the professionalism and perseverance they had!


Our earpieces are customized also on a technological level. They can interface with devices like Apple mobile phones (all iphone and ipad models), Samsung, Nokia, via Bluetooth, wireless or usb. Our headphones are different, but better than the ones you can buy at the drugstore, eBay, Amazon or chain stores like Mediaworld because they are produced only for you and fit perfectly to your auditory canal. Even if handcrafted, costs and prices are lower than the standard products made by big brands (see Sennheiser, Bose, Sure, Sony).