Peduncle – Rite

Peduncle Rite Earphones
Hearing Aid rite


This ear-bud can be connected to any kind of receiver. It can be produced with rigid acrylic material or silicone. It is normally used for rear aural hearing aids, making it more attractive and less invasive. It is recommended for medium serious hearing loss.

Headset for rite pawer soft silicone.
Headset for rite soft silicone.
Earplug Rite tailor made
Earplug rite apparechio acustico
Earplug rite pawer rigid
Earplug rite silicone soft
Earplug Rite soft
Earplug Rite soft
Earplug Rite soft
Earplug silicone soft
Earplug rite custom
Personalization of Earplug tailor made
Earplug peduncle copren rite
Earplug rite copren
Peduncle Earplug rite