Earplugs Waterproof earplug,anti Noise and for sleeping
Earplugs Waterproof
Earplugs anti noise

COPREN produces the best earplugs (also called headphones or ear protectors) since about 20 years. Our earplugs (with certified technology) are customized meaning they are obtained from your ear mould. They have also unlimited life, unlike the ones you can buy at the drugstore, eBay or stores. We use selected materials for our products (silicone for example); this allows us to create a targeted protection, customized as customers ask.Thanks to our technology, we can block the deafening sound of a rifle shot, but at the same time to hear the human voice. You can play sports, have a total protection and talk to people near you without removing the COPREN earplugs or without acting on uncomfortable buttons as it usually happens with electronics earphones. We produce waterproof earplugs to use at swimming pool or at the beach, earplugs also for kids and earplugs providing full protection to those who have to avoid water into their ear. Our top of the line product is the anti-noise earplug / DPI for hunters and shooters that be used in the shooting range for sport like the dynamic shooting or volley or in the countryside.The same technology is employed also for earplugs for sleeping; they are light and custom-made and you will not even realize to wear them...and you will finally hear the alarm clock in the morning! In the end, for the high-fidelity lovers or for professionals like DJs, players and singers, we guarantee custom-made headphones obtained from the ear mould. COPREN, custom-made means perfection.

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