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It is well known how many damages an high intensity of noise can cause to the human body. Indeed the nervous system, cardiovascular, digestive system and especially the auditory system are affected. Moreover, it increases stress and decreases attention at work, with greater risk of injury. Thanks to our experience in the field of hearing aids, we developed a new protection able to reduce noises selectively, eliminating only the harmful sounds and not the harmless ones such as security alerts or human voices needed during the activity. This type of protection is achieved by a mould of the ear, it is therefore purely personal and determines a perfect closure of the ear canal. The CE certification is a recognition to ensure quality at the highest level in the field of hearing protection. The BREAK EAR safety device is produced in compliance with the requirements of the standard EN 352-2-1993 and meets the essential safety requirements (RES) of legislative decree of December 4, 1992, n. 475 of abatement of the CEE Directive 89/686. It is clean, non-irritating and does not soak in sweat, you can take it away countless times and wash it with soap and water or other cleaning products without altering its characteristics, lightweight, practical and perfectly combined with other protective instruments, it is combined by a string of variable length to prevent loss and it is long-lasting.

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